See for what purpose we founded the school

Purpose of St. Konrad

Rural Uganda faces a multitude of challenges. To meet these challenges, many initiatives have been founded, including the St. Konrad school. We point out the problems and present how we improve with our pillars and visionary outlook the quality of life step by step.
See how St. Konrad is organised & structured

Structure of St. Konrad

Here we show you how St. Konrad is run organisationally and how the training is structured. A distinction is made between secondary and vocational training. We explain exactly what this means for the students.
See the official permission of St. Konrad

Legal Status

The Ministry of Education and Sport in Uganda has granted St. Konrad permission to operate the school for the purpose of secondary and vocational education. Here you can see the official confirmation.
Find out which subjects are taught

Subject Taught at St. Konrad

At St. Konrad the pupils learn the professions of bricklayer, carpenter, water plumber, metal worker, tailor, electrician and farmer. We show what content is taught here.