See what we have already achieved

Achievements of St. Konrad

Since its foundation in 2007, we believe that a lot has been achieved. The construction of ten buildings, the registration at the Ministry of Education, Sport and Technology science or the training of more than 700 students are only some of the points of this success. We are very proud to show you what we have already achieved.

See what we need at short notice

immediate Needs of St. Konrad

We have achieved a great deal and intend to continue this success story. In order to constantly raise the standard of training, we need different materials. In the short term, these include books and tools, the repair of the sports facility and the completion of the workshop block. We are grateful for every kind of support.
See what we plan for the long term

Medium/Long Term Goals of St. Konrad

In addition to the short-term goals, we have also given long-term consideration to the continued existence of the school. We have combined these into nine points. We are pleased about a common exchange with you about the further development of the school, in order to be able to offer an education to as many pupils as possible and to increase with it the quality of life of their families.