August 3, 2010

Foundation Works after 40 Days

The work continues to go a head as planned. The foundation walls are complete. The photos that follow show already that work on the floor has began. Thanks to all who are working assiduously on this project.

Once the Flooring is done. The next step will be to erect pillars. The whole structure is designed to be supported mainly by pillars.

July 21, 2010

Foundation Works after 30 Days

Today the 21st of July, I have the pleasure of adding more photos. The Work on the Foundation has proved to be very expensive given the uneven landscape. Walls of about 2 meters high have already been built before reaching the dumpproof level. More than 33,000 bricks have beeen so far used, more than 300 bags of cement. Since the work on building the foundation began, more than 30 days have now passed.  Thanks to all workers and all our benefactors.
June 18, 2010

Construction with Trench excavation

At last  the construction work of the Examination block began on 8th day of June 2010 with the excation of trenches. The work has not been easy given the hard underlying rockstructure. After an entire week of hard work, much of the excavation work could visibly be seen to be complete.  Thanks to the benefactors and the zealous workers whose efforts will soon be seen visibly in the erection of this block.
March 26, 2010

Examinationblock construction in preliminary stages

The work of constructing St. Konrad College Examination block is scheduled to start in a month’s time after the necessary materials have been purchased and collected. At the site already a number of items have arrived. These include Iron bars, BRC Mesh, binding wire, Dumpproof rolls and 3100 Maxpans. In the coming weeks, sand and bricks will also be brought to the site. We are thankful to the benefactors and all people of good will who have so far contributed to the realization of the purchase of these materials.

Due to long distances involved, the transport vehicles arrived at night. Thanks to the students and Staff who unreservedly helped in the unloading and organisation of these materials.

Materials from Kampala
December 28, 2009

Examination Block Site

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College has began the construction of the Examination Block. The preparation of the Building Site began in October and ended successfully towards the end of December. The work was hard since it involved the escavation of land up to 7 metres deep. Thanks to the Parents who came in great numbers to offer a hand. Thanks to hired workers who did the work tireless. The Stage is now set to begin the construction of the desired Examination Block. This Block will be two storeys. We appeal to our benefactors and friends to offer us substantial help to realize this dream.