Initiative for the establishment of a vocational school

In 2006, with the permission of the bishop of the diocese Kabale Rt. Rev. Callist Rubaramira and in cooperation with the responsible persons of the community Buhara, the Catholic priest Dr. Pastor Mpora started the initiative for the establishment of a vocational school.

Planning and construction work of the school

One year later, in 2007, the planning and construction work began. In the Ntarabana valley a plot of land was bought on the 1800m high Nyamitooma hill. Then six classrooms, a teachers’ house, a school kitchen and the sanitary facilities were built. The village community helped with the road construction, the brick production at the foot of the hill and the construction of the school buildings.

With euphoria and enthusiasm the people of the surrounding villages supported us in the development of the purchased land. As can be seen in the attached pictures, the road to the future school was only built with spades and pickaxes. On this way again a big thank you to all supporters.


Inauguration and opening of the St. Konrad College

In February 2008 the vocational school St. Konrad was founded by Father Dr. Pastor Mpora together with Rt. Rev. bishop Callist Rubaramira (Kabale), local politicians, members of the association in Austria and the local residents.

The teaching began with four classes and the provisional state permission to run the school for two years for the time being. This was linked to the requirement to erect an examination building with an integrated laboratory, a library and administrative rooms. Until then, the pupils were to be able to take the examinations in nearby cities.

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College had its first official Board of Governors Meeting on May 10, 2008. Members deliberated on how to develop the school. Among others, it was passed that all pupils must have a school uniform.  The Director also presented the next development plan which consisted in the building of a new classroom block.


Construction of the examination block

The development of the examination block started in 2010. Initially, two floors were planned. The indicated lack of space forced the extension by one floor. The buildings were supplemented by a boarding school for boys and a boarding school for girls, which is not located on the school grounds.

State permission

In 2011 the state permission to run the school was confirmed. It became necessary to change the name from “College” to “School”.

Provisional state recognition as a training organization

State recognition as a training company has been provisionally approved. In order to obtain the state approval, buildings with good equipment of handicraft devices must also be kept available. The workshops are currently still in wooden buildings. The building site has already been levelled for this purpose. Sponsors and donations are still needed for the construction of the buildings.