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Medium/Long Term Goals of St. Konrad

  1. To provide the rural youth with necessary skills to earn a living. The Youth in Ntarabana Parish and Ndorwa East constituency in general lack possibilities of training in practical skills to enable them earn a reasonable living. This project will empower them to sell their skilled labour or to create themselves jobs by which they will earn enough for a reasonable standard of living.
  2. To assimilate Universal Primary Education graduates who cannot go to secondary schools. Uganda has introduced Universal Primary Education. Many youth are finishing primary education but cannot afford to join secondary schools due to the high expenses involved.
  3. To stem the rate of emigration to neighbouring districts. The rate of emigration in Ndorwa East is alarming. In each village, 4 out of 10 families every year emigrate to other areas. Often it is the able-bodied youths and young couples who emigrate leaving behind the weak, the sickly and the old. This has brought persistent poverty and hunger in the area. By offering practical skills, the population will be empowered to use the resources for the maintenance of their families. Where land is not enough, the able bodied persons will sell their skilled labour at higher pay and thus be able to maintain their families without need to emigrate.
  4. Reduce tribal tension. This objective is related to the preceding one. The Bakiga from this area emigrate to Bunyoro where the indigenous people have developed  hostility towards them. By empowering the Bakiga with skills, the phenomenon of emigration will be radically reduced, and thus reducing the possibility of increasing tribal tensions in those areas where they would have immigrated.
  5. Reduce incidence of AIDS/HIV.  There is a connection between poverty and AIDS/HIV  scourge in Uganda. The poorer persons easily get the disease because of the poor conditions in which they live. Many unemployed youth resort to taking liquors and drugs. In such conditions,  they easily fall prey to those practices through which AIDS  is contracted. By empowering the youth with skills, it is hoped, they will develop also new ways of life commensurate to their economic standard of living.
  6. To prepare the youths in skills that are necessary for our country’s process for industrialisation. Uganda is predominantly an agricultural state and its efforts towards industrialisation will not be successful unless indigenous labour is trained to qualify as industrial workers. St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College will introduce practical skills that can help the youths to set up cottage industries.
  7. To provide appropriate skills to those youths that the current system of education fails to cater for because of being poor in theoretical subjects.
  8. To emancipate the trained  Girls and Women to overcome the economic dependence.
  9. To provide opportunity for youths orphaned by the HIV/AIDS pandemic get necessary skills for their livelihood.

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