in the short term the following things are needed

Immediate Needs

In addition to large long-term investments, smaller short-term investments are also required. In the following we have listed which these are. The St. Konrad School depends on donations. We are looking forward to a conversation with you. Through a small contribution we can achieve a lot.

  1. Workshop Block: We have already started to build the workshop block. For the completion, including the furnishing, funds of 300,000 EUR are needed. With this investment, the vocational school will be able to accommodate more students and give them more space to learn and try out.
  2. Tools and books. These two things are comparatively cheap. The equipment level of the workshops is solid. In order to be able to cope with more complex tasks, however, better tools are necessary. The stock of the library also needs to be increased. Due to the increasing number of pupils, more books are needed so that the basis for passing the exams can be provided.
  3. Improvement of sports activities: In addition to school activities, many sports are played. This leads to an increased sense of community and promotes a healthy lifestyle. To make this possible, the sports field must be expanded and playground equipment purchased. There is still a need here.
  4. Water: The water supply for drinking water and the surrounding agriculture is a problem. The sewer lines are not sufficiently developed. Investments are needed to ensure the water supply.
  5. School fees. In order to attend the St. Konrad School, a certain amount of school fees has to be paid. Some families cannot afford this amount. So we are looking for godparents, who make it possible for a special child to attend school

We would be very happy about your support in any area. Together we can shape the future of St. Konrad. Do not hesitate to contact us. The following button will take you to the contact details.