Find out what the founder says about St. Konrad

Interview with Pastor Mpora

Pastor Mpora founded St. Konrad in 2008. After eleven years he looks back on the developments, gives an overview of the current situation and describes what is to come in the future.
Find out what the teachers say about St. Konrad

Interview with Teachers

29 teachers are currently employed at St. Konrad. They provide the basis for the school. In order to present a better picture of the situation on site, we interviewed three teachers. They especially report about the advantages of the school. Have a look.
Find out what the students says about St. Konrad

Interview with Students

Currently there are 295 students in the education of St. Konrad. We talked to some students about the school. You can read what they think about the school, why they like the school and what could be improved in the future.