Recent Posts about what happens at St. Konrad School


Here you can see what is currently happening in our school. Various highlights such as the construction of buildings, the celebration of events or daily life in St. Konrad are posted at regular intervals. In addition, you can comment on the individual contributions and thus get in touch with us.
See what we have already achieved at the St. Konrad school

Big Steps

In these articles you can see which milestones could be reached within the eleven years of  existence of the school. It all starts with the idea. The construction of buildings and the recognition by the government and many more steps show what have made us to what we are today.
See what happens on a ordinary day at St. Konrad School

Daily Life

Here we report what we experience every day. We show you how our day is structured, what a classical timetable looks like and which activities are carried out in addition to school education.
Check out who is visited by the school and who visits the school


Here you can see who has visited the school over the past years. Many, many visitors were able to get an idea of our project on site and were enthusiastic about what was created here. In addition, we show how we bring the St. Konrad School into the world and thus create awareness for the situation in rural Uganda.