See what we have already achieved

Achievements of St. Konrad

  1. Construction: From no building structure, the School has put up more than 10 structure.
  2. The School is registered by the Ministry of Education, Sports, Science and Technology.
  3. More than 700 youths have received some training from the School.
  4. The School employs at least 30 members of Staff.
  5. The People around the School sell their products to the school, especially foods and firewood.
  6. The School provides work to skilled and unskilled people. Since 2007, construction work has never stopped. Some unskilled workers have attained construction skills by apprenticeship.
  7. Some alumni have reached a Diploma level in Technical Training and some now serve in School as instructors.
  8. The School pays taxes to the Government.
  9. A network of friends and associations has been established especially in Europe to support the School.
  10. A lot of financial support has been realized from European Friends, and organizations for the construction and running of the School.

Our goal is a carefree future through education

Example of a success story

While before the foundation of St. Konrad it was almost unthinkable that a young person from Bebaase would study at a university, several pupils have already taken this big step. Without the financial and also material support from abroad, the future of these pupils would probably have been a different one.

For example, our student Denis Turinawe (with a yellow T-shirt) works at the University of Kabale during the semester break, and for this he uses  the knowledge he learned at the St. Konrad School. After the semester break, Denis wants to complete the second year of his training so that he can also attend the university he is currently building himself. Having passed the exams with distinction and being a conscientious and diligent young person, he should be able to take the next big step towards an independent future. He is one of the students who is supported by a donation over a period of six years.