Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher passes on

Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher passes on

Dear Friends,

today the 27. June 2019 in the morning we received shocking news, that Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, the great Friend and founding supporter of St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School passed on in the night. We are full of grief and yet very grateful to God for the special gifts he gave Fr. Kurt and which he used in the service of the neighbours. We invite all who have known him directly and those who have known him indirectly all to pray that God grant him the recompense he promised those who fervently believe and put their faith in practice through the acts of love. May Almight God grant him Eternal Peace.

One thought on “Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher passes on”

  1. Mpora Pastor says:

    Today is a year and one day since Pfarrer Kurt Pittetschatscher passed on. The School Community of St. Konrad Vocational School will never forget your our Friend Pfarrer Kurt. We believe you are now in God’s Kingdom occupying the seat already prepared for you. Please pray for us and intercede for us before the all Merciful Father. The remaining in your dear Project – St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School – continue to live in confidence and hoping in divine providence for further protection and growth. We are thankful to the Family of our deceased friend. May they find solace in God. The Student body, the Staff and all parents continue to pray that you rest in Eternal Peace and be our door to the blessings that God bestows on us. Rest in Eternal Peace. Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora

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