Förderverein St. Konrad School/Uganda-Bebaase e.V in Munich

On 2nd August, the Director travelled to Munich to meet the Members of the Förderverein St. Konrad  School /Uganda-Bebaase e.V. The day began with Holy Mass led by Fr. Johannes Oberbauer in St. Sebastian Parish. At the end of the Holy Mass, the Director and the Chairperson of the Verein were given the chance to talk to the Parishioners. In the same way, the Director assisted in the Holy Mass in Maria von guten Rat Parish where he and the Chairperson of the Förderverein also addressed the people present. Then for about 30 minutes, most of the members went on foot to Allerheiligen Parish where the Förderverein Meeting took place. The Director narrated the developments in the school especially thanked the members for support for teachers. He also asked them to explore more ways for support of the school. The members showed satisfaction in the school especially for the near-completion of the Examination Block. Members present promised to do their best to find support for the School.

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