Full Verein Meeting 26th July 2012 in Ottnang Parish

The Meeting was preceded by Holy Mass led by Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher from Leonding Parish and assisted by Fr. Konrad Enzenhofer from Ottnang Parish. Fr. Pastor Mpora, at the time serving in Ottnang Parish as holiday replacement for the Parish priest was also present.

After the Meeting the Members gathered in Ottnang Parish Hall where Fr. Pastor Mpora by means of a Power Point Presentation informed all present regarding the new developments in the School.

1. The School was able to have a Registration Status for the Secondary Section.

2. The School obtained an Examination Centre for the Secondary Section.

3. The School obtained a Licence for two years for the Vocational Craft Section.

The Director further informed the Meeting that the lower floor of the Examination block was completed, thanks to the efforts of the Verein. He told the members that the challenge was to finish the Examination block and later embark on construction of workshops as demanded by the Ministry in order to have the Vocational Section registered within the two years.

The Director informed the Meeting that the School Truck donated by Miva had broken down and was beyond repair. Efforts for another sponsorship from Miva was underway. He also told the Meeting that the school was facing the challenge of providing adequate payments to the Staff Members.

The Director thanked all the members for the unfailing efforts in supporting the School. He thanked all who endeavour to support the school through sponsorship of some students. In a special way he thanked the members from Ottnang Parish for preparing for the Meeting.

Presented by Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora


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