Visit of Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter

Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter visited St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College on the morning of 7th March 2011. He came for the 4th time in consecutive years. St. Konrad was at the same time blessed by the presence of his Parish Priest Mag. Fr. Kurt Pittertschatcher who will spend two months in the school. The School community expressed its gratitude for the unfailing support it has got especially from the Parish of Leonding in Austria. Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter visit also enables sick people in Buhara Parish to get free treatment. The Director was very thankful to Fr. Kurt and Dr. Herbert for the friendship and support for the school. St. Konrad College now has 200 students and some of them have performed well in Uganda  Craft and Junior technical Education Examinations. The Director congratulates the Students and Staff upon this wonderful performance.

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