Visitors from Leonding Town Parish, Linz

On 17th February, St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College was yet again blessed by the Visit of three persons from Leonding, Austria. The Delegation was led by Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, the Parish Priest of Town Parish Leonding, Linz Diocese. He was accompanied by Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter and his wife Margit Hinterreiter. The school was filled with Joy as both Students and Staff made a long line to salute the visitors. The visit was marked by entertainment and speeches. The students showed their talents in singing and dancing Kikiga dance. It was a joy to see Fr. Kurt back after two years of absence. The visitors were impressed by the developments happening in the school in such a short time. The Director in his speech was grateful to the visitors for the unfailing support for the school, and especially for sponsoring more than 30 students. The visitors pledged more support for the school.

Dr. Hinterreiter and Family had the previous year donated ten sewing machines and six knitting machines to the School.

St. Konrad is indeed very grateful for all people of good will whose generosity is indispensable for its development. By such willingness of help the disadvantaged youth who are mainly from the villages, St. Konrad is prepared to transform these youth into persons that cherish work and development and to enable them and their families to lead a dignified human life through work.

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