Visitors from Austria

From the 30th December 2009 to 10th January 2010 St. Konrad College was blessed by the Visit of three visitors from Austria, namely Claudia Berger, Walter Seiringer and Agnes Seiringer. It was the first time for the three to pay a visit to Uganda and certainly to St. Konrad College. The school is not only thankful for the visit but also for the precious service the three did in checking the eyes of all the students and some people who came for consultation. This exercise took place on Saturday 2 and Monday 4 January. After this exercise, the visitors had a chance to enjoy Uganda’s natural beauty not only at Lake Bunyonyi but also in Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest National Parks. They could not have left Uganda without viewing the unique Crocodile Farm which boasts over 1000 reptiles reared for their meat, skins and tourist attraction. Thanks for this wonderful visit.

St. Konrad College remains proud of all our esteemed visitors for the love and support of the noble cause to offer the rural youth the possibility for a better future through training in basic skills such as Building construction, carpentry, tailoring and knitting, agriculture, water installation, electricity installation and basic secondary education.

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora


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