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the St. Konrad vocational school was founded in 2008 in Uganda and since then has enabled students to enjoy a general and vocational education. On the following pages we give an overview of this institution. We show what has been achieved in the past years, which subjects are currently being taught and which goals we are pursuing in order to further improve the standard of living in rural Uganda. If you have any questions about our school, please contact us directly. We look forward to hear from you.

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Pastor Mpora (Director)

See for what purpose we founded the school

Purpose of St. Konrad

Rural Uganda faces a multitude of challenges. To meet these challenges, many initiatives have been founded, including the St. Konrad school. We point out the problems and present how we improve with our pillars and visionary outlook the quality of life step by step.
See what we have already achieved the last couple of years


Since its foundation in 2007, we believe that a lot has been achieved. The construction of ten buildings, the registration at the Ministry of Education, Sport and Technology science or the training of more than 700 students are only some of the points of this success. We are very proud to show you what we have already achieved.
Find out what you can learn at St. Konrad

Subjects taught

At St. Konrad the pupils learn the professions of bricklayer, carpenter, water plumber, metal worker, tailor, electrician and farmer. We show what content is taught here.
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St. Konrad is constantly growing and is able to present these numbers

Some key facts of St. Konrad

Since its foundation in 2008 through Fr Pastor Mpora, many students from rural areas have been able to build up know-how in order to live independently. We can currently present the following figures about students and teachers who are enjoying the time at St. Konrad.

Current Number of Students
Total Number of Students since 2008
Years of Existence
Teachers employed

How you can help St. Konrad Vocational School?

Become a godfather and enable a child to go to school for one year
Fair Payment
Fair Payment
Become a sponsor and allow the school to guarantee a fair payment for the teachers
Donation in kind
Donation in kind
Donate a specific item such as tools or books
Knowledge sharing
Knowledge sharing
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Get a picture of st. Konrad school through this video

Situation on site

The attached video shows the situation on site. Here you can see that the ongoing operation has improved the situation in the area, but is also dependent on donations. It is shown which investments are necessary in the future, in order to develop the school . For example, chairs for the classrooms, books for the library, a water supply and other funds for the construction of the buildings are needed. Through the financial support the standards of the school can be raised and thus more pupils can get access to education.

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