A classic daily routine at St. Konrad College
The school year begins in January and ends in December. It is divided into trimesters. The first trimester lasts from 31 January to 22 April, the second from 23 May to 12 August and the third from 3 September to 2 December. Accordingly, nine months are taught in one year and three months are holidays.

A classic school day begins at 07:45 with morning prayer. After that there are seven lessons with a break of 15 minutes. The school also takes care of lunch, as learning is not possible on an empty stomach. After lunch there are four more lessons until 17:00. The time after school is mostly used to help the family at home, to do their homework or to play together.

The students mostly come from the surrounding area of the school, but also from other districts around Bebase and from neighbouring Rwanda. The families pay school fees as far as possible, also for lunch and if necessary for accommodation in the boarding school.

St. Konrads Football Team
The Students of St. Konrad do not only do vocational Training and Secondary school education. They have also a well formed sports department. Some students have ably presented St. Konrad Integrated Vocational school in Sports encounters with other schools. The School is proud of its Football Team.