A visit in February of friends from Austria

St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School was in February honoured to host four members from Austria: Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, Mr. William Pohn, Mrs. Maria Pohn and Mrs. Gabriele Weidinger. The Came to see the progress of the School and were happy with the developments. The visit happened as the Director was celebrating the Silver Jubilee of his priestly ordination. It was a colourful ceremony. St. Community of St. Konrad is very grateful for the visit and invites other friends to come and visit it.

Visit by Commissioner Mansoor Ilahi from Btvet

On Tuesday the 31st March 2015, St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School hosted Mr. Mansoor Ilahi, the Assistant Commissioner, BTVET, delegated by the Minister of Education,  Science, Technology and Sports, Hon. Jessica Alupo. The Commissioner inspected the School and commended the efforts being done to skill Ugandans. After the inspection, he attended an entertaining reception in which the needs of the School especially long term support by the ministry  was presented. The School further requested for the registration of the Vocational Department given that the licence had already expired. The School still awaits the results from this visit and is grateful to the Minister for granting such a visit.

Fr. Pastor Mpora Director.


Pastor Kurt visits St. Konrad

Pastor Kurt came to Uganda on the 6th March this Year. St. Konrad Integrated Vocational School community was very happy welcoming him. During the Assembly, the Director thanked all people who support the School. He further thanked the Staff for keeping and improving the School. In the same occasion, a Student called Akankwaasa Sabiiti who had obtained First Grade in Ordinary Level Examinations was given a gift for his excellence and students were challenged to emulate his example. The Director further exhorted the Staff to be perseverant and work very hard despite the low pay they were receiving. Pastor Kurt also thanked the community and assured them of the unfailing support for the school. He spent one week in school and students were happy once more to learn some German.

Visit from Mr. Josua Burkart, Horizont 3000 E. African Director

On the 1st of October, St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College had the blessing of hosting Mr. Josua Burkart, the East African Regional Director of Horizont3000. He arrived at School at 14:00 Hours local time and was enthusiastically entertained by the school community. His visit followed from the Director’s visit to Horizont3000 Headoffice in Wien on Sept 2, 2010 where he, Mr. Wilhelm Tutschek and Miss Eva Kreil from the St. Konrad College Bebaase Verein met Mrs. Gabriela Grosinger, concerned with Projects and Programmes of Horizont3000 in Africa. The purpose of the visit was to find out ways of partnership with this Organisation for the benefit of St. Konrad College. The Visit of Mr. Burkart was a fact finding mission. Mr. Burkart was impressed by the project and hopefully ways will be found out to access the support of Horizont3000 in St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College.

Mr. Burkart was also introduced to the three community based Organisations, namely Namuda for men, Nawepe for women and Nayefode for men. These organisations are also the Director’s attempt to bring about rural development in the area. The members of these organisations were indeed very glad for the visit and welcomed him among others with Kikiga dance followed by gifts.


Flee market group

Today on 16.08.2010 the flea market group has gathered with family Ingrid and Josef Niedermayr and has Mrs. Dr. Pastor Mpora her a word of thanks give. With the work and efforts of this group, St. Konrad will make another step forward with the construction of an examination block.

Visitors from Leonding Town Parish, Linz

On 17th February, St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College was yet again blessed by the Visit of three persons from Leonding, Austria. The Delegation was led by Fr. Kurt Pittertschatscher, the Parish Priest of Town Parish Leonding, Linz Diocese. He was accompanied by Dr. Herbert Hinterreiter and his wife Margit Hinterreiter. The school was filled with Joy as both Students and Staff made a long line to salute the visitors. The visit was marked by entertainment and speeches. The students showed their talents in singing and dancing Kikiga dance. It was a joy to see Fr. Kurt back after two years of absence. The visitors were impressed by the developments happening in the school in such a short time. The Director in his speech was grateful to the visitors for the unfailing support for the school, and especially for sponsoring more than 30 students. The visitors pledged more support for the school.

Dr. Hinterreiter and Family had the previous year donated ten sewing machines and six knitting machines to the School.

St. Konrad is indeed very grateful for all people of good will whose generosity is indispensable for its development. By such willingness of help the disadvantaged youth who are mainly from the villages, St. Konrad is prepared to transform these youth into persons that cherish work and development and to enable them and their families to lead a dignified human life through work.


Visitors from Austria

From the 30th December 2009 to 10th January 2010 St. Konrad College was blessed by the Visit of three visitors from Austria, namely Claudia Berger, Walter Seiringer and Agnes Seiringer. It was the first time for the three to pay a visit to Uganda and certainly to St. Konrad College. The school is not only thankful for the visit but also for the precious service the three did in checking the eyes of all the students and some people who came for consultation. This exercise took place on Saturday 2 and Monday 4 January. After this exercise, the visitors had a chance to enjoy Uganda’s natural beauty not only at Lake Bunyonyi but also in Queen Elizabeth and Kibale Forest National Parks. They could not have left Uganda without viewing the unique Crocodile Farm which boasts over 1000 reptiles reared for their meat, skins and tourist attraction. Thanks for this wonderful visit.

St. Konrad College remains proud of all our esteemed visitors for the love and support of the noble cause to offer the rural youth the possibility for a better future through training in basic skills such as Building construction, carpentry, tailoring and knitting, agriculture, water installation, electricity installation and basic secondary education.

Fr. Dr. Pastor Mpora



Pumpkin project for St. Konrad College

Happy news is coming from Manning today! This year in summer and autumn there was a pumpkin market in Manning. The friends of St. Konrad College had already planted the pumpkins in spring. From this the Manning family earned Euro 1.669,92. We thank all our friends who had done so much work to make this donation a reality. The proceeds will help us to go one step further with the construction of the examination block. With gratitude we wish ourselves much more such initiatives for the development of the project St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College.

Thank you very much.

Mr. Dr. Pastor Mpora


The Goldhave Women Supported St. Konrad College

Today, August 30th, the Goldhave Women of Altheim supported St. Konrad College with € 500. Dr. Pastor Mpora, director of St. Konrad College, received this money from the Kaethe Frauscher family.

Dr. Mpora was with Dr. Franz Sperl, after the trip from parish Leonding. In the photo from the right are: Dr. Pastor Mpora, Monika Back, Helene Lehrer, Kaethe Frauscher and Waltraud Kasinger.


Engineers Without Borders from UTAH – USA

St. Konrad College was graced by a visit from Engineers Without Borders together with the Interethnic Health Alliance Team from UTAH in America. Enginners without Borders were represented by Hans Rogers. The Interethnic Health Alliance Team comprised of Stecy, Janette, Ketty, Spen cer, and Jessica. The Engineers without Borders financed the installation of a Solar Unit on the newly finished classroom block and donated one laptop computer. The Interethnic Health Alliance Team conducted seminars on health with Students of St. Konrad and later with women and men of the area. St. Konrad will remain grateful to these friends for the love and concern for the marginalised people in Africa.

St. Konrad College shares the Volksschule Ottnang Art Exhibition

Recently the Director of the Volksschule Ottnang, Herr Stefan Puehringer invited St. Konrad Integrated Vocational College to participate in an art exhibition. The students from St. Konrad painted some themes about Africa and sent the painted works to Ottnang in Austria. The whole School is very thankful to the active and collaborative spirit of the Director of Volksschule Ottnang, all students, teachers and Parents. They are very grateful for all the financial help that comes from this school.

Donation campaign for Uganda in Altheim

Today, the KFB of the parish Altheim supported the school project. After the Holy Mass, the 1st chairman, Mrs. Waltraud, gave a cheque of 1,600 Euro to the director, Dr. Pastor Mpora. Today’s support is only the first step of KFB Altheim for the development of this project.

Bless God

Mrs. Dr. Pastor Mpora

In Altheim.